Oh … how do I start? First of all, I would like to thank Daniela for all the energy, involvement and passion she has to change things and help others… I have learned so much from her … In relation to the diet … when she told me she and I applied it as soon as I could for my boy with TSA, and the changes appeared quite quickly … first of all my baby settled his intestinal transit, he was no longer constipated, then he started to sleep better, no more anxiety at bedtime … then our big improvements came along… his skull has shrunk, he started to be present and aware of the environment … all his condition is continuously improving. I personally do not want to change his diet, my son is healthy, he feels happy and slowly, I slowly I am implementing the diet myself. Daniela … once again we thank you and love you!



What I’m telling you is incredible. I suffer from type 2 diabetes and two weeks ago I had my annual doctor’s visit. The blood tests showed that my blood sugar was too high. I had a value of 15 instead of 5-7. The doctor prescribed extra medications to lower my blood sugar. I do not like taking medication because it has side effects in the body, so I decided to act for my health. I followed Daniela’s diet and started making various recipes such as muffins and biscuits. They were delicious, so I started taking some biscuits after meals to taste something sweet. I removed grains and sugar. In two weeks, I lost 2 kg in weight and my blood glucose reached 5.5, which is normal. My goal is to lose at least another 5 pounds. By changing my diet and using the recipes Daniela gave me I felt much better physically and had immediate progress. Thank you!



I’ve known Daniela for 2 years. She is the one who opened our eyes to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet Dairy-Free, which we have implemented with very good results. We are not yet where we want to be but the diet is part of the recovery process. Darius has had good results since we had the courage to follow this diet: he is present, he has increased his ability to understand and execute what he is asked for, he’s calmer, we have no more screaming moments with senseless crying, sleeps better, mimics much better, he is very affectionate, much more resilient to noise, his obsessive behaviour has decreased, but the most amazing thing is that he has become very disciplined. If before we could not enter a shop without tantrums and we had to buy what he wanted, now he knows exactly what he can have and does not ask for anything else. For me, this is amazing, because this problem exists in typical children as well and very few manage to be disciplined in this respect.

But at the same time, we noticed changes in behaviour when there are deviations from diet (for example when we allow starches such as potato or gluten-free cereal).

As the mother of a child with autism, I consider that the diet is a very important starting point for recovery. The diet should also be supplemented by the identification of inflammation, methylation problems, detox etc.

For me personally, Daniela is a blessing. She is a source of resources, a good professional, but above all, an extraordinary human. And I would like to thank her this way that out of her own goodness, she chose to share with us, the parents, everything she knows and researches, and that’s no small thing.

Gabi (Darius' mother, autistic spectrum disorders)


Bianca is diagnosed with ASD, she is 29 years old and she’s been agitated all her life, and nobody could work with her in therapy, she was not interested in anything, she had trouble sleeping and did not sleep … After implementing the diet, about a month after that Bianca slept for days and even 12 hours a night and during the day she is very calm and pays attention to the speech therapy lady without any other allopathic treatment. She started talking better and making short sentences, which is a great thing for us! I love you Daniela and I wish you success in your work.

Bianca and Athena


My name is Andrea and I’m 33 years old. My digestive problems (ulcerative colitis) started three years ago. I noticed that when I ate wheat, I felt bad and I was always tired, without energy, with diarrhea and even blood in the stool. I adopted the gluten-free diet, but it did not help much. Moreover, when I ate gluten-free products as I got worse. I must mention that the family doctor and the hospital doctors told me there was no treatment for my condition.

Until my brother talked to Daniela. Daniela recommended the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I’ve implemented the diet 3 months ago and I can say I feel much better and I really enjoy cooking differently. Almost all the symptoms are gone since I’m following the diet and I know I will be successful if I have the patience. Daniela spoke to me about the DNA test, which helped me learn a lot about my body and the deficiencies I have. I’m following Dr. Stewart’s protocol for a month now and I feel much better.

Daniela’s support helped me a lot and I’m lucky to have had the opportunity of meeting her.



My son is 4 years old and was diagnosed with ASD. Besides the already known symptoms, we have experienced a chronic constipation that no doctor or drug from Romania has managed to solve. There have been years of torment among all other problems that we have. We ended up having just one stool per week and only with the help of enema and no food or other diets helped and I had tried everything! But the miracle happened when I read Daniela’s article about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and at only 3 days after implementing it grain-free and dairy-free we already had huge results and I expect more to come in the near future. We thank you from the bottom of our soul, wonderful Human!



We implemented the SCD diet (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) 7 years ago. My son was diagnosed with delay in development and autism. I made a panel of 365 food intolerances and he turned intolerant to the usual ones: gluten, casein, soy, egg, corn, plum, pepper, and more. Although we excluded all these foods, I noticed that he still felt bad: he laughed, became violent, agitated after eating potatoes, chestnuts – foods he had not been intolerant of. Then I read several autism books written by those who founded DAN (Defeat Autism Now) in the United States – and there I learned about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Children can relax and recover information if they keep this diet. But unfortunately, our boy cannot eat all the food allowed by this diet – he cannot eat beans, nuts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, green beans – all that contain sulphur … so the diet was even harder to keep. Without seeds – almonds, Cajun, walnuts etc – because he is intolerant to these. Slowly, with this diet and probiotics, he started to come back and eat millet and potatoes – but not too many. Besides these, we also held the Feingold diet and the low-amine diet (no mushrooms). His menu now consists of millet, courgette, carrots, onion, egg and poultry / turkey / pork. But we did it and we will continue, because without this diet we cannot improve.



I am 49 years old and suffer from celiac disease.

For me the Specific Carbohydrate Diet is a blessing. I gave up carbohydrates gradually, because I have a lot of cravings.

The results started to show about 2 weeks ago, my bloating disappeared, bloating I used to have even when I was not eating or when I was fasting. An aspect that appeared was the feeling of an easier, cleaner body. When I deviated from the regime, a headache occurred instantly. The results are coming, but it takes perseverance because it’s basically a change in the old way of eating.

Thank you again for advice and support!



Good morning and God bless! My name is Hopan Floarea and I am 35 years old, in April 2017 I was diagnosed with Glutenic Enteropathy Mars 3, erosive ulcers and micropolyps on the small intestine. Until the diagnosis was set, I lost 15 kg in two series, I had chronic constipation and then intestinal blockage, hair loss, dizziness, erratic memory, dermatitis, numb hands and unbearable abdominal pain, that felt like it perforated the intestine and inflamed the other organs (kidney, liver, pancreas, lung). From constipation I passed on to diarrhea with bloating and gas and in the intestine as if it were a volcano, no matter what I ate did was not getting better, it was even worse.

At the instigation and advice of Mrs. Daniela Man and another nutritionist, I started the diet with strict protein-based food (bone broth, stifled wings …), removing dairy products and replacing the milk with nut milk made in the house, omitting raw fruits, potatoes, rice , marmalade, ferments (yeast, baking powder) and a complex range of grains due to containing starch and hardly digestible (millet, chicory, buckwheat etc). And as supplements: Vit B12 Injection, Collagen, Pea protein, Omega 3, Vit D3, Probiotic, digestive enzymes, natural fruit iron and homeopathic supplements.

At first, I was afraid of the very strict Specific Carbohydrate Diet but if I ate something from the illegal list or I was combining something, the reaction was quick, so I had no choice. In the first three months I did not notice a significant improvement but slowly, slowly I began to feel better. I started to gain weight again, started to slowly succumb to fermentation, gas, ileal burn is no longer so alive, and micropolyps do not get so inflamed so much. The joint pain gave up immediately after the diet, my memory slowly rinses and I begin to regain my lost strength, the transit begins to normalize. The gluten-free and grain-free foods are much more satisfying and not combining some foods eases the bowel movement. I do not need IV perfusions anymore, I feel much better, so I will continue with the diet thanking and listening to Mrs. Daniela Man’s advice and urge ” if I make compromises, I take a step back. ” I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Hopan Floarea