How does the Specific Carbohydrate Diet work?

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet slows down or completely stops the fermentation process by avoiding non-digestible foods and also removing other sugars or artificial additives, balancing intestinal flora by removing intestinal microbes from their energy source, improving nutrition and immune system.

What diseases or conditions does the Specific Carbohydrate Diet treat?

The Specific Carbohydrates diet treats cases of colitis, celiac disease, Chron disease, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, cystic fibrosis and even cases of autism. Being implemented in many psychiatric clinics, it has been observed to play an important role in mental illness such as Altzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Once this diet is implemented, will it be necessary to keep it all my life?

You do not necessarily need to keep this diet a whole life, many cases returning to a normal diet after treating the disease. In some cases, however, the diet has been implemented for years or even has become a way of life.

I do not know how to cook anything for this diet. How will I manage to implement it?

With the consultation and custom menu, you’ll get all the recipes you need to start cooking all kinds of dishes you’re already familiar with.

Where do I find all the ingredients I need?

All ingredients can be found on different websites on the internet or at specialist stores.

I have heard that this diet comes in treating autism. My baby has a very limited diet, he only eats what he wants. How can I make him keep this diet?

The vast majority of children with autism have a limited diet. The Special Carbohydrates Diet offers many delicious snacks that will please them and – once the transition period is over, the children who were picky eaters start eating diversified foods to the surprise of their parents.