Wondering what you could do on a cold, rainy Sunday? Scented and colorful bath bombs, together with your 9-year-old kid who loves relaxing baths, just like his mother.
Bath bombs are a mixture of acidified ingredients, absolutely brilliant things, if you were to ask me. Once the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid come in contact with water, carbon dioxide gas is produced and other ingredients, such as salts, essential oils, cleansing or moisturizing oils are released into the bath water. That’s why it is important to know what kind of ingredients have been used to pamper our senses. Don’t forget that anything you put in the water is absorbed in less than a minute and enters into your bloodstream. Being aware of this fact, I like to know exactly what kind of ingredients do the products that I use contain, both for personal uses and for my family.
Many of the comercial bath bombs contain a lot of harmful ingredients, especially for those with sensitive skin or allergies, such as artificial dyes, fragrances, or ingredients like linalool or alpha-isomethyl ionone, which was found to be highly toxic in more than 16 laboratory experiments.
That’s why I advise you to read the ingredient labels carefully and choose wisely when it comes to the products that you take care of your skin with.
These homemade bath bombs are absolutely natural and full of goodies for the body, mind and soul!
I chose a combination that is a delight for the senses and has therapeutic effects in the same time. I added Epsom salt and lavender essential oil to sodium bicarbonate and citric acid.
The Epsom salt is actually a natural accumulation of magnesium sulfate, and derives its name from the Epsom mines, in England, where they were originally exploited from. They are easily absorbed through the skin and have innumerable beneficial effects on our health. It is well known that magnesium plays a role in over 325 enzymatic reactions inside the body, reduces inflammation, improves the vascular system and helps heart function by preventing hypertension, improves the functioning of the muscles and nerves, whereas, sulphates help nutrient absorption, toxin removal, and relieves migraine headaches. Epsom salts are effective in cases of eczema or psoriasis.
At the same time, what surprised me was the result of a US study, which shows that 68% of the population consumes about 19% less magnesium than the recommended daily dose, thus increasing the risk for various health problems. Maybe an occasional Epsom salt bath would make a good use!
Lavender oil, just like Epsom salt, has relaxing effect, eliminates stress and anxiety, treats eczema or psoriasis and relieves migraine headaches. In addition to all these, it plays an important role in the immune system because it helps the body to produce antioxidants in just 22 hours after its use.
Hoping that these things awakend your interests too, I leave you the recipe below.
• 1 cup sodium bicarbonate
• 1/2 cup citric acid (lemon salt)
• 1/2 cup Epsom salt (also known as bitter salt)
• 1/2 cup cornstarch (optional, it helps to keep the ingredients together-I used organic, genetically unmodified cornstarch)
• food coloring or mica crystals (optional, for coloring-I used natural mica crystals, for cosmetic products)
• 2 and 1/2 tablespoons coconut oil (melted)
• 1 and 1/2 tablespoons lavender essential oil
• witch-hazel water in a spray bottle (with tonic, astringent and purifier effects)

In a bowl, combine the dry ingredients, preferably in a glass of porcelain one. Whisk to remove any clumps.
In another bowl stir together the wet ingredients. Pour the liquid mixture in with the dry mixture whisking as you go to avoid a possible reaction of the ingredients.
Sprinkle a little witch-hazel water on the mixture, until it sticks together like wet sand. When your batch sticks together, you can to start putting it in moulds.


We have used some plastic Christmas globes, but you can use any mold you prefer, including those of silicon. If you want molds like ours but don’t have them handy, you can simply and carefully cut in half a Christmas tree globe from hard plastic and use those.
It is important to put pressure on the filled molds in order to remain compact.

I put dried lavender flowers in the molds, over which I put the mixture and I pressed them together tightly, moving my hands gently on the edges to remove the extras.

Then, I gently knocked the mold with a spoon and removed the first half, then repeated the motion on the other half.

I left these bath bombs dry on the table for two days. After we all had our relaxing detox bath, I carefully wrapped the ones we would use later in plastic wrap, to store them dry.